Guardian Geomatics Joins Australia’s HIPP

Guardian Geomatics has been appointed to Australia’s Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP).

Guardian Geomatics will spend the next four years working alongside six industry leaders, acquiring and processing hydrographic, oceanographic and marine environmental data. The data acquired by the HIPP panelists will be used to produce digital charts of the Australian seafloor.

The goal of this 150-million-dollar Government initiative is to further improve the understanding of the Australian sea charting area – which makes up around 10% of the earth’s surface.

Guardian Geomatics commercial director, Steve Duffield said: “We are honored to have been selected, having worked toward this outcome for the past two years. The HIPP is a great Australian initiative, involving the best and brightest from the Australian hydrographic surveying industry. It is exciting to see the Australian Government’s commitment to building capacity and capability for hydrographic survey in Australia, and their commitment to the protection, understanding and sustainability of our ocean environment. This is certainly something that Guardian Geomatics cares deeply about. Since learning about this Program, we have been very keen to get onboard and contribute – we are very proud of this partnership.”

The first phase end date is currently scheduled for 2024.

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