Greece and Italy scoping new power link

Greece and Italy will be looking to build a new subsea power interconnector with up to 1GW capacity, Greek grid operator IPTO said in its 2022-2031 preliminary development plan.

IPTO and its Italian equivalent Terna recently teamed up to prepare studies to strengthen the interconnection of the two electrical systems.

As part of the cooperation, the operators will examine the alternative solutions for the development of a new submarine interconnection between the Greek and Italian systems, while also exploring the possibility of utilising existing infrastructure.

According to IPTO estimates, the new power cable capacity would range between 500MW and 1,000MW.

The two countries currently connect via one 500MW subsea cable, which has been in operation since 2002.

Specifically, this interconnection links Arachthos, Grece with the substation Galatina in Italy.

The submarine cable has a length 160 kilometres.

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