GEPS Techno to Install GSIRE on Norwegian Fishing Vessel

GEPS Techno has signed its first commercial contract with the Turkish CEMRE shipyard, to install its GSIRE, green power producing ship stabilizer, on a Norwegian fishing vessel.

The GSIRE is a passive and autonomous anti-roll stabilization system with integrated turbines/generators which recover stabilization power from the water load in motion. In addition to stabilizing the ship, the GSIRE offers an additional source of electric power without any CO2 emission.

The GSIRE will be installed on fishing vessel ‘Libas’ designed by Salt Ship Design for the Norwegian ship owner Liafjord.

Libas will be the first vessel to be equipped with a GSIRE, GEPS Techno noted. Two turbines of 30 kW capacity each are going to be installed in the tank.

CEMRE Shipyard has placed the order of the GSIRE for a delivery in April 2019.

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