Geoquip Marine’s New Vessel Heads to Work

Geoquip Marine’s DP2 multi-purpose offshore support vessel, the Geoquip Saentis, is heading to its first assignment after a major overhaul.

Following a dry-docking, moonpool installation, major overhauls and the installation of Geoquip’s GMR600 marine drillrig the vessel is now ready to begin its new work.

The Geoquip Saentis’ first project will include numerous PCPT and sample boreholes plus a large number of 20-tonne seabed PCPT’s, the company said.

At 80m length and 18m beam Geoquip Saentis provides a platform for offshore geotechnical operations, allowing seabed PCPT equipment and ROV to be mobilized alongside the GMR600.

The vessel has accommodation and work spaces for 55 crew members.

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