Geoquip Marine Completes Geoquip Speer Upgrade

Geoquip Marine has finalized an extensive conversion and upgrade to its recently acquired multipurpose geotechnical vessel, the Geoquip Speer.

As part of the refit the Speer has had its moonpool design opened up, enabling it to be fitted with a fully heave-compensated offshore geotechnical drilling rig and deepwater seabed CPT unit, the GMC201.

GMC201 is a 20T seabed unit designed to conduct an array of in-situ tests in either shallow or deep water. The seabed system is deployed through the vessel’s moonpool using a dedicated launch and recovery system.

Geoquip Speer was the second DP2 multipurpose offshore support vessel to be added to Geoquip Marine’s fleet in 2019 following the Geoquip Saentis.

With the refit completed Geoquip Speer joins four other specialized geotechnical vessels on Geoquip Marine’s permanent fleet and has already been contracted for its first assignment, undertaking seabed CPT work for an offshore wind farm development in the USA.

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