Geoquip Marine adds another vessel to its fleet

Offshore geotechnical engineering and drilling company Geoquip Marine has expanded its fleet with the addition of new geotechnical vessel Geoquip Seehorn.

Geoquip Seehorn vessel (Courtesy of Geoquip Marine)

The Geoquip Seehorn, converted in 2015, is a versatile geotechnical investigation vessel capable of conducting seabed and downhole operations.

The vessel has the GMR602 derrick installed, which has been specially designed to allow the safe operation of wireline coring, specialist oversized coring equipment and high quality piggy back coring as well as traditional sampling and in situ testing techniques.

A dedicated launch mechanism at Geoquip Seehorn vessel allows a safe and quick change between drilling mode and seabed CPT mode, according to Geoquip Marine.

Geoquip Seehorn joins five other specialized geotechnical vessels on Geoquip Marine’s permanent fleet.

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