GCX Repairs Red Sea Links

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) subsea cables FALCON between Muscat and Suez, and FEA between Mumbai and Suez, are back in business following cuts offshore Port Suez in the Red Sea.

GCX mobilized a cable ship through its partner in the Middle East, E-Marine to support with the repairs.

The repairs of FALCON started on 8 February, and over five days, repairs of two separate faults over a 900-meter cable section were complete.

The FALCON links between Muscat & Suez were down for a total of 35 days, 8 hours.

After FALCON repairs and associated cable burials and inspection, the FEA repairs kicked off on 15 February and concluded on 20 February.

FEA links were down for a total of 40 days and 12 hours.

The cause of these faults have been identified as external aggression due to a large merchant vessel anchor. The vessel has been identified, and legal action will be carried out against the merchant vessel, GCX sad.


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