Gardline Surveys i3 Liberator Development

Oil and gas development company i3 has contracted Gardline to conduct a site survey for its 2019 and 2020 drilling program plus the pipeline route for its Liberator Phase I development.

Works have begun and are expected to complete during the month of March and are being conducted by the Ocean Observer survey vessel.

The survey will cover the locations of Liberator’s Phase I production drill centre and associated development wells, in addition to the planned export pipeline route.

Also being surveyed are the Liberator A3 and Serenity S1 appraisal well locations.

The survey should enable the company to complete its environmental statement and provide the necessary engineering and environmental data to finalise its planning for its expected 2019 three-well drilling campaign and for inclusion in the Liberator Field Development Plan.

Located in Blocks 13/23d and 13/23c, Liberator was discovered by Dana Petroleum in November 2013 with well 13/23d-8.

It is immediately adjacent to the Blake Field and only 2 kilometres from Blake’s producing drill centre.

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