Forum wraps up XLX-C ROV harbour trials

Forum Energy Technologies’ remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the Perry XLX-C, has completed harbour trials in Vietnam.

The harbour trials followed commissioning and factory acceptance test which took place at Forum’s test tank in Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire, UK.

The vehicle is the compact derivative of the XLX work-class ROV.

The hydraulic ROV has a depth rating of 4,000 metres, with ancillary equipment, including cameras, lights, altimeters and sonars.

It will support the Vietnamese’ submarine rescue vehicle during assessment and preparation of a site for a submersible rescue.

The XLX-C can deliver specialized equipment, including an Emergency Life Support System, to a distressed submarine.

It comes with an Emergency Life Support Stores (ELSS) underslung ROV skid allowing the transport and deployment of up to three ELSS pods at once.

The XLX-C also couples with a Forum Dynacon Launch and Recovery System (LARS) manufactured in the US.

The Houston team also supplied a VMAX ROV training simulator for the XLX-C as a training aid for the pilots.

Forum’s software developers designed a new scenario to instruct pilots on how to latch the ROV with a distressed submarine using a ‘sticky foot’ tool in order to deliver emergency supply pods.

Forum has also provided the Vietnam Navy with a VisualSoft, four Channel VisualDVR, system.

Kevin Taylor, Forum’s vice president – subsea vehicles, said:

“The XLX-C’s successful sea trials marks another success for the company as we continue to bring the latest technology to the industry.

“The vehicle’s capabilities make it ideally suited to a wide range of operations in the defence market.

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