Forum Launches eROV Simulator Training

Forum Subsea Technologies has launched the latest version of its VMAX simulator to integrate with its electric remotely operated vehicles (eROV).

The XLe Spirit was the first vehicle to be launched from the new range last year and Forum has now added the eROV to its choice of vehicles within the simulator. The new eROV Hand Controller console can also be interfaced to VMAX to allow pilots to be trained in the use of the new console.

The VMAX software is a 3D ROV simulation system which is used for the training and evaluation of ROV pilots. It can also be utilized by subsea engineering teams for modelling and verification of procedures involving intervention tasks for subsea equipment.

Andy McAra, VMAX product director, said: “Following the launch of the XLe Spirit vehicle last year, we recognized the need to integrate the system into our existing VMAX software to provide both training and evaluation capabilities for our customers.

“The demand for our 3D simulator technology is continuing to grow as the industry recognizes the value of an immersive learning experience. VMAX eliminates the need to deploy a physical vehicle for training purposes and allows pilots to interact with the eROV in a safe and controlled environment, providing increased efficiencies and reducing overall operational expenditure.”

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