Forssea adds GoM sales rep

Forssea Robotics has appointed Shannon Giagnorio and Sottomarine Business Development Solutions as sales representative for the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

Giagnorio is an oil & gas and subsea professional with background within several international companies, including Forum, MacArtney and also Chevron Venture Capital Start-ups.

She spent the last 3 years representing European and American companies reach the oceanographic and offshore community in the GoM.

Through Sottomarine Giagnorio will be promoting Forssea’s new visual positioning systems as well as generating robotics service partnerships with operators.

Gautier Dreyfus, co-founder and CEO of Forssea, said:

”I am very proud to work with such an experienced and respected agent. After 4 R&D years, Forssea is starting a new phase with great commercial ambitions.

“The Gulf is a key area where we need a permanent presence. We believe this new crisis faced by our industry is urging the need for smarter and cheaper robotics solutions.”

Shannon Giagnorio, president Sottomarine Business Development Solutions, stated: “Forssea’s offerings and vision for the future of visual positioning systems and robotics use are refreshingly innovative and sure to be a game changer for the industry.”

French subsea solutions developer Forssea has also recently launched a new light intervention and smart ROV for plug-and-play USV interfacing.

The standard ARGOS version currently comes with “smart” piloting modes including latency management, auto-diagnosis features, dynamic positioning which is based on visual, acoustic and/or inertial navigation system/doppler velocity log (INS/DVL) sensors and GO-TO features.

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