First Subsea Provides Lifting Tools for Allseas

First Subsea has received a contract to supply three Ballgrab Internal Lifting Tools (ILT) to Allseas.

The tools are designed for lifting loads up to 900mT and will be used by Allseas for offshore decommissioning projects.

The First Subsea ILT tools are designed to be inserted into a tubular receptacle attached to the structure to be lifted.

The ILT tools for Allseas will cover an internal receptacle diameter range from 660mm (26 inch) to 1524mm (60 inch).

The first planned offshore operation will be the Tyra Redevelopment Project, when the ILT tools will be used to lift the top jacket structures for Tyra East D Flare Jacket and Tyra West D Flare Jacket.

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