Finnish Diving Support to Clear Balticconnector from Explosives

Baltic Connector Oy’s subcontractor Finnish Diving Support Oy will be clearing three explosives along the pipeline route in the Gulf of Finland between April 23 and 27, 2018.

The explosives are located on the Balticconnector pipeline route approximately 40-42 kilometers away from the shore in Finnish economic waters.

The removal of the explosives will not cause disturbance as they are located over 50 meters deep, the company informed.

The explosion work will be managed and monitored by Mauno Napari, Baltic Connector Oy.

Balticconnector gas pipeline, to be built between Finland and Estonia, will connect the gas networks of Finland and the Baltic countries and will enable the opening of the gas market in Finland.

The EU has granted funding to cover 75% of the project, and the Balticconnector gas pipeline is due to be completed by 2020.

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