FarSounder Equips Alucia2 | Subsea World News

FarSounder’s flagship navigation product, the FarSounder-1000 Forward Looking Sonar (FLS), has been selected by the OceanX exploration team to help provide safe passage for Alucia2, their new 85.3-meter research and exploration yacht.

Admarel BV, a member of the Alewijnse Group, is the FarSounder dealer in the Netherlands instrumental in securing this sale.

With the inclusion of a FarSounder-1000, operators of the vessel will be able to view a true underwater 3D image ahead of the ship up to 1000 meters range. The sonar’s technology will assist in the prevention of collisions and groundings as the OceanX team explores the ocean.

The Alucia2 is a refit project transforming the former Volstad Surveyor built in 2010 by Freire Shipyard into one of the most high-tech explorer vessels. This will enable the OceanX team to explore further and deeper into the world’s oceans than its predecessor, the M/V Alucia. Advanced wet and dry marine research labs as well as a media and production center, suitable for professional-grade film production are some of its innovative features. Principals involved with OceanX include Ray Dalio and his son Mark Dalio, along with famed director James Cameron.

As Alucia2 reaches to the furthest corners of the oceans, the OceanX team can rest-easy knowing the potential for safe exploration is greatly increased with a FarSounder-1000 leading the way. This will ultimately help them reach their goal of shedding light on the great mysteries of the ocean,” said the Rhode Island-based sonar manufacturer.

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