Energy Voice | Voyeurism among most common crimes on North Sea platforms

Voyeurism is among the most common crimes recorded on North Sea platforms.

Freedom of information data obtained from Police Scotland for the last five years shows there were three cases  in 2013/14.

Voyeurism is considered to be viewing someone secretly for the purposes of sexual gratification.

However, the overall number of recorded crimes on North Sea platforms was relatively low, with just nine since 2013/14 according to the Police Scotland figures.

As well as the three cases of voyeurism, there were three thefts and one case of theft from an ordinarily locked place between 2013 and 2016.

There was one case of assault in 2016.

Earlier this year there was also one case of firearms offences.

A 50 year-old man was charged in January when a modified shotgun was used to relight a flare on Total’s Elgin platform on Boxing Day.

However, the Crown Office later confirmed that no criminal proceedings were to be brought due to “mitigating circumstances”.

Freedom of information data from Police Scotland

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