Energy Voice | Venezuela opposition leader backs US oil sanctions

The Venezuelan opposition leader who has declared himself the country’s rightful president has said US sanctions against the state-owned oil company fall in line with requests politicians have made to “protect” the nation’s assets abroad.

Juan Guaido said in an interview with CNN in Spanish on Monday evening that Venezuela’s opposition-controlled congress approved a measure in January asking foreign nations to ensure the country’s assets are not “looted” by President Nicolas Maduro.

Mr Guaido is the leader of the National Assembly, which is the only branch of Venezuela’s government recognised by the US and other nations.

Mr Guaido said the measure’s only purpose is to ensure that Mr Maduro’s government “doesn’t continue robbing the people of Venezuela”.

The United States announced sanctions against Petroleos de Venezuela SA on Monday, cutting off a vital source of income for the distressed nation.

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