Energy Voice | Strategy for ‘changing shape’ of North Sea skills

Efforts are being made to map out the need for new skills and retraining of workers in the oil and gas sector.

OPITO and academics from Robert Gordon University’s Oil and Gas Institute are developing a UK Skills Strategy on the “changing shape” of the North Sea.

The work will assess the “likely impact” of the energy transition, the increased focus on internationalisation and the potential changes due to technology and innovation.

As part of the new strategy, workers are being urged to complete an anonymous survey to fully assess the changing skills demand between now and 2025.

John McDonald, CEO of OPITO said: “We want to build as accurate a picture as possible for the Skills Strategy which will be launched to industry next year, so we are urging anyone working within the industry to take ten minutes to complete the survey.

“The information collated will determine how roles are changing and help us to ensure the appropriate upskilling, training and education opportunities are available.”

It follows a UKCS Workforce Dynamics Review published by the skills body OPITO in May, showing that around 40,000 people will need to be recruited in the next 20 years, including 10,000 roles that do not yet exist.

Paul de Leeuw, director of RGU’s Oil and Gas Institute, added: “Technology, innovation and the transition to a lower carbon future will re-shape the oil and gas industry over the next few decades.

“Against this backdrop, we will need an increasingly adaptable, flexible and technology-enabled workforce, with new high-tech skills becoming part of day-to-day life in the energy sector.

“Building on the findings of the Workforce Dynamics Review, the need was identified to shape a Skills Strategy to support the delivery of Vision 2035 and to support the wider skills diversification requirements identified in the report.

“Integral to the successful development of the UK oil and gas Skills Strategy is our engagement with and feedback from the industry.”

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