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There has been a lot of talk about “green shoots of recovery” in our industry recently and, for Denholm MacNamee, the green shoots we see are growing from seeds sown consistently throughout tougher times, writes managing director Brian Ritchie.


To date, those so-called “seeds” have taken many forms in our business, from taking in a seemingly tiny piece of work and doing it to the same high standard, to maintaining open lines of communication with our customer base during quiet times. For us, approaches such as these have been important in keeping us in touch with our clients and their constantly evolving requirements and circumstances. Those who survive will have very different needs and that seemingly tiny piece of work, done well, shows our willingness and capacity for other jobs as and when they come along – the importance of a job should never be measured by its size.

As I have said before, reminding people about what we do and the importance of sticking to what we do best are also central to the Denholm MacNamee ethos and, here too, recent successes give us confidence and optimism as we look ahead to identify further opportunities for growth in our areas of focus – the “green shoots” are, after all, just the beginning. Most recently, as a leading provider of innovative asset cleaning and decontamination solutions, we were delighted to report a significant expansion of a key marketplace by completing one of our largest ever projects in the North Sea.

We were fortunate that our hard work before, during and after the project added another major North Sea player to our client portfolio, completing a process decontamination work scope during a new plant’s first ever shutdown.

The project incorporated six vessels including two usually temperature-limited MonoEthylene Glycol (MEG) vessels – another first for the company. This followed pre-shutdown works timed to coincide with depressurisation to avoid the normal hiatus waiting for decontamination to occur.

The project was the location’s first major shutdown since operations began in 2016 and required one of Denholm MacNamee’s largest ever mobilisations of people and equipment with three boilers requiring six men per shift.

I am delighted that our performance on this project once again met with client expectations and came in on time, and on budget. We were pleased to be complimented on the team’s professionalism, positive attitude and proactive nature towards safety. Additionally, the client was very happy with the entry time achieved and subsequent cleaning time for inspection.

So, it’s worth remembering that seeds can grow into green shoots, but only with the right amount of time and care.

• Aberdeenshire-based Denholm MacNamee is the first choice in innovative asset cleaning and decontamination solutions. With a corporate family with a history stretching back almost 150 years, the Aberdeenshire-based company is a leading one-stop provider of asset cleaning and decontamination solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and utilities industries and works closely with customers to provide bespoke, uncompromising solutions which give the option to combine services whilst considering key issues such as cost and schedule delivery.
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