Energy Voice | Safety 30: Industry must make North Sea safest in world

Scotland’s energy minister has said the industry owes it to the families of Piper Alpha victims to make the North Sea the safest place in the world for oil and gas operations.

Paul Wheelhouse has delivered the keynote speech on the second day of the Safety 30 conference at the AECC.

The event, organised by Oil and Gas UK, aims to highlight the lessons learned from the tragedy 30 years ago, when 167 people lost their lives.

Mr Wheelhouse said: “I remember vividly the awful images of the Piper Alpha tragedy, it did shock me. I very much felt and empathised with the communities across Scotland, particularly in the north-east, and across the rest of the UK who were suffering the loss of life.

“I know it particularly affected the city of Aberdeen.

“The 30th anniversary of this terrible tragedy provides a very important reminder to everyone working in this industry and all industries that safety should always be paramount.

“Through continued vigilance, allied to innovation and leadership, we must strive to achieve and sustain new standards of offshore health and safety, aiming to make the UK Continental Shelf the safest place to work in the global oil and gas industry.

“I believe we owe that to the families of those who lost loved ones in Piper Alpha. I’m sure that’s a sentiment that we all share.”

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