Energy Voice | Oil companies could slash cost by focusing on good chemistry

Energy services firm Proserv has said North Sea operators could make substantial gains by reclaiming the “lost art” of production chemistry.

Richard Barr is business development manager for the firm’s production chemistry arm, and believes “marginal gains” of tens of thousands of pounds could be made.

Production chemists analyse and monitor the entire production process. However Mr Barr, who has worked for operators as well as large energy services firms like Wood, believes more could be done in that area.

He said:“I’ve seen offshore chemists positions being removed and the operators doing the work.

“Ninety percent of the time everything is fine.

“It’s that other 10% when something goes wrong when the impact can run into tens of millions, if not potentially hundreds of millons of pounds of production deferment or equipment replacement.

“A simple analogy is if water cut on an FPSO is a 2% limit and you can reduce that to as little as 0.004%, you could be saving the operator thousands of pounds a year because that water in the cargo is taking up oil space.

“You remove the water, you can replace that with oil and you get more money for what you’re shipping. The oil companies may soon realise they need to consult more with production chemists.”

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