Energy Voice | Offshore workers will get chance to remember Piper Alpha fallen

Oil rig workers will get the opportunity to pay their respects to those who perished in the Piper Alpha disaster thanks to a live video link provided by a safety group.

Step Change in Safety confirmed yesterday that they will work alongside the UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy to ensure that a live video stream is available to all North Sea platforms wishing to view the 30th anniversary service.

The remembrance will be streamed live via the UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy Facebook page at 7pm on Friday 6 July.

Executive director of Step Change in Safety, Les Linklater, said: “It’s really important that everyone involved in the oil and gas industry, particularly those working offshore, have the opportunity to watch and be part of the Piper Alpha 30th Act of Remembrance.

“We hope that this gives the best opportunity to maximise the number of participants in this poignant event whether they choose to watch it in their cabins offshore or in larger groups. People will be able to decide their own, most appropriate way of being part of the commemoration.”

In 1988 an explosion and resulting fire engulfed the Piper Alpha oil platform, killing 167 North Sea oil workers and causing the greatest loss to life in offshore history.

Offshore chaplain Gordon Craig said: “As we get closer to the anniversary I’ve been getting more interest from the offshore community asking how they can get involved and pay their respects. It’s clear that most platforms want to mark the event and this is a way we can all come together.”

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