Energy Voice | Neptune get control room ‘heart and brain’ upgrade on Gjoa platform

Neptune Energy has announced a new control room upgrade on its North Sea Gjoa platform, implemented by Stavanger based firm Cyviz.

Cyvis said it has updated the the design, delivery and installation of the necessary equipment required “to improve operations on the platform”.

Describing the control room as the “heart and brain”, Cyviz said the upgrade will improve “collaboration, user experience and the management of operations for Gjøa platform control room operators”.

Neptune Energy’s control room operators require ongoing and instant access to information from a number of sources on the Gjoa platform.

Cyviz said the it includes six new projectors, which provides operators with an overview of the platform’s operations.

Cyviz marketing director, Marie Pettersson said, “The main challenge of the Neptune Energy implementation was to complete the upgrade of the ‘heart and brain’ of the control room without disrupting operations, which we achieved. Our collaboration and visualization solutions enable our customers to work together seamlessly and efficiently.

“These benefits are essential in a dynamic operation scenario, such as an oil and gas platform.”

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