Energy Voice | In a first, North Sea rig appears on Google Street View

Life on board a North Sea oil platform can now be explored from the comfort of your sofa as the world’s first Google Street View tour of an offshore installation has been launched.

The virtual tour of Cygnus, the largest single producing gas field in the North Sea, has been commissioned by operator Neptune Energy and its partner Spirit Energy.

It is the first time Google Street View has ventured to an offshore platform and it allows users to tour Cygnus, click on explanatory notes and watch some of the workforce talk about their jobs and life on a producing North Sea gas installation.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience areas including the helipad, wellhead, control room and accommodation, fitness, leisure and restaurant spaces. Notes provide detailed information on the structure, its role in the UK economy and explanations about life and work offshore.

Based in the southern North Sea, approximately 93 miles off the UK coast, the Cygnus field has been producing gas since December 2016. It contributes up to 8% of UK gas production – enough to heat the equivalent of 1.5 million UK homes.

The Cygnus field is the biggest discovery in the southern North Sea for 30 years. It exports gas via a new 34 mile long connection to an existing pipeline, which ends at the Bacton terminal.

Google Street View of the Cygnus helideck

Google Street View image of the Cygnus control room

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