Energy Voice | Further 24-hour strike on Total platforms

Workers will down tools for another 24-hour period today amid a series of strikes on three Total platforms.

An ongoing dispute is taking place over plans to switch offshore rotas from two weeks on, three weeks off to three on, three off.

Workers on the Alwyn, Elgin and Dunbar platforms kicked off the strikes on July 23 for a 24-hour period.

That was followed by a 12-hour strike action last Monday.

Workers voted in favour of a series of strike action, with a further 24-hour stoppage set to take place on August 20 and a 12-hour period on August 13.

The latest production data on the Oil and Gas Authority’s website indicates that the three fields pump out more than 70,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day combined.

At today’s Brent price, that equates to around £4million a day.

Despite the ongoing strikes, coupled with proposed action on Equinor’s Mariner platform, an employment expert has said the industry is “not at panic stage”.

Tensions between Total and workers have been fraught since the French energy giant announced it would increase security after a week of rancour with staff concerning a wage review, feared changes to shift patterns and anger over the firm’s plans to hold a barbecue in the midst of redundancies.

In an internal memo, Total said it would introduce “security measures” at its headquarters in Westhill, Crawpeel House in Aberdeen, Shetland Gas Plant and its warehouses and quayside.

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