Energy Voice | ExxonMobil leads the supermajor pack on remaining reserves, report claims

New data has found that ExxonMobil is leading other supermajors in terms of remaining oil reserves worldwide.

A report by data and analytics firm GlobalData said that of barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) within planned and announced fields, ExxonMobil leads Shell, BP, Total and Chevron.

Global data claims that ExxonMobil holds a remaining 28,069 million BOE, leading Shell who hold 27,012, according to the most recent figures.

Shell has the most annual total revenue of £ 240,168million in 2017 followed by ExxonMobil with £192,307million.

ExxonMobil had the highest operating income of £14,707million in 2017, followed by Shell with £12,192 million.

According to GlobalData, Total had the most merger and acquisition deals on its books with 20 over the last four quarters followed by ExxonMobil with 18 deals.

In Q4 2017, the two companies signed deals worth £1,871 million and £1,220 million respectively.

In terms of capital raising activity, BP leads among the supermajors with 10 and Chevron follows next with seven deals respectively over the last four quarters.

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