Energy Voice | Engineers brave high winds to plug Indian well

A team of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) engineers successfully plugged a gas leakage on an unmanned offshore platform in Mumbai yesterday despite adverse weather.

With support from the Indian Navy, the team of engineers chose to begin actions to shut down the well platform and to bleed off the pressure in the pipe lines.

The unmanned offshore platform is located in Mumbai High South around 111 miles from shore in the Arabian Sea.

Due to extremely bad weather conditions with high wind speeds of up to 35 knots, swell of 3.5 meters and strong surface currents in sea, it was not safe for ONGC team to land at unmanned platform by helicopter or transfer them by Multi Support Vessel.

Attempts were however being made to transfer ONGC team to the unmanned platform taking all safety precautions.

Having exhausted all available options to transfer ONGC team to S1-6 Platform, ONGC approached Indian Navy for help.

After detailed discussions between ONGC and Indian Navy, it was decided to winch down ONGC team with the help of Indian Navy commandos.

Braving rough weather, the team identified the leakage source successfully and safely plugged it within one hour making the well ready to flow.

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