Energy Voice | Cognizant chief to be keynote speaker at ENGenious upstream event

Malcolm Frank, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Cognizant, has today been announced as the keynote speaker at this year’s’ ENGenious upstream event.

Mr Frank’s opening speech will focus on the keys that will allow companies to succeed in the next generation of the digital economy.

The presentation will be illustrated with real-world cases, data, and provide clear strategic guidance and actionable steps to help organisations move ahead in a world where exponentially developing new technologies are changing how value is created.

Mr Frank will be joined by Ahmed Hashmi, global head of upstream technology, BP; Matthias Heilmann, CEO of digital solutions and chief digital officer at Baker Hughes and Dr.Stephen Cook, chief commercial officer, group technology at BP for the opening plenary session on ‘Defining the Opportunity and Seeing the Changes Underway Both in and Outside the Industry’.

Mr Frank said: “ENGenious is the must-attend event, as the wave of digital transformation that has transformed so many aspects of our economy is now hitting upstream in a meaningful way.

“Making sense of what works – and what doesn’t – in a trusted forum of both industry peers and experts is a competitive necessity. I very much look forward to being a part of the program.”

The first event will be held at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre (AECC), Aberdeen between 4 – 6 September and will run in alternate years to SPE Offshore Europe.

AJ Abdallat, the CEO of Beyond Limits, will also speak at the second plenary session on ‘Radical Organisational Change through Digital’ at the the AECC on September 5.

He said: “Most large operators are exploring the powers of AI, and I think the message at the ENGenious conference will be: ‘if you’re not, you should be’. Every day, advanced digital technologies are becoming more important for the future of the entire energy industry.”

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