Energy Voice | Can Houston keep its title as world energy capital?

Houston has held the title Energy Capital of the World for at least a century, but many local business leaders worry the globally recognized title could soon be under siege.

“The energy mix is changing, and it could be changing even faster than we thought even a few years ago,” said Bob Harvey, president and CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership, or GHP, the business advocacy group for the region. “We’d like to be known as the ‘New Energy Capital’ as well.”

Some GHP member companies have sounded alarms as renewables such as solar and wind keep growing at a rapid clip. In January, Harvey convened a small group of eight to 10 executives from local renewable energy companies to discuss ways GHP could attract what the group is now calling “new energy” companies to Houston.

“A group of players were saying, ‘We’re doing interesting things but no one in Houston seems to know it, or notice, or care. In fact, it’s not even clear whether what we’re doing is even being appreciated by Houston,’” Harvey recalled.

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