Energy Voice | Anadarko remove staff, shutter production as hurricane closes in

Oil exploration and production firm Anadarko has confirmed that it will remove personnel from two oil platforms and shutdown production as storm Gordon approaches.

With reports suggesting that the tropical storm will sweep across the Gulf of Mexico before it makes landfall, the oil firm confirmed it was “ensuring the safety” of its staff.

Anadarko confirmed that it would “remove all personnel” from its Horn Mountain and Marlin structures.

The company also said production would be stopped on both platforms to “protect the environment”.

Anadarko confirmed via its website: “We are carefully monitoring the weather conditions in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and to ensure the safety of our people have removed all personnel from our Horn Mountain and Marlin facilities.

“We have also shut in production at both platforms to protect the environment. All other Anadarko operated and producing platforms remain on production. We will return personnel to Horn Mountain and Marlin when it is safe to do so.”

Last October, numerous storms and hurricanes caused a number of energy companies in the area shutdown production.

As Storm Nate looked to cause similar damage as Hurricane Irma and Maria, oil giants such as BP made statements confirming they were removing workers.

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