EIVA Teams Up with ROV Specialist BlueLink

EIVA has entered into a partnership with ROV specialist BlueLink, which allows the integration of NaviSuite Mobula software when producing BlueROV2 and SARbot ROVs.

NaviSuite Mobula is a complete high-end software solution for ROVs which supports the addition of various sonars and laser-scanners.

The BlueROV2 is used for inspection, research and exploration, whereas the SARbot is designed for search and recovery operations. BlueLink assemble the BlueROV2 on behalf of Blue Robotics.

The partnership will allow EIVA to ensure better support for Blue Robotics’ customer base, and across their network of distributors, while at the same time help users unlock the potential of combining the software and hardware.

The robust system integration of NaviSuite Mobula with the BlueROV2 and SARbot units, should grant the user full control during underwater inspections, EIVA says.

Our goal is to provide professional grade vehicles, and working with EIVA enables this vision to become a reality. The BlueROV2 and NaviSuite Mobula combo create a truly a versatile and professional level ROV system. EIVA’s continuous investment in the mini ROV market, while bringing software with a long feature list, and at such an affordable price, is creating technology that is shaking up our industry,” said Jeff Conger, president, BlueLink.

The partnership between EIVA and BlueLink got off to an active start with the first joint field-testing taking place in San Diego at the end of 2019. The Core + Sonar version of NaviSuite Mobula was integrated with BlueLink’s SARbot (Search And Recovery ROV), which is equipped with a Tritech Gemini 720ik multibeam imaging sonar and a BlueLink power supply unit — the same one powering the BlueROV2.

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