Dutch MOD Picks Trio for Submarine Replacement Final Round

Naval Group has been selected by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MOD) to enter the next phase in the selection process for the Submarine Replacement programme.

Naval Group joins Saab and TKMS in the final “knock-out” phase, with the contract award (D-Letter) expected some time around 2022.

As reported earlier about this Dutch MOD tender, The Group has partnered with Royal IHC, a company specialized in complex systems integration and subsea systems.

To reinforce this existing bond, numerous industrial partners and knowledge institutes will be closely associated and consulted at every major design decision point to make sure that the future submarine programme builds up and maintains full Dutch autonomy over the complete submarine lifecycle.

Dave Vander Heyde, CEO Royal IHC, said: “Building a large Dutch submarine alliance with industry and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands is essential for strengthening the Netherlands Defense Technology & Industrial base. By transferring Naval Groups knowledge to MOD, Royal IHC and other partners, the Netherlands will be able to carry out its core tasks autonomously. We look forward to further intensify our cooperation with Naval Group, and invite other Dutch companies to join.”

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