DeepOcean Introduces Subsea Power Cables Repair Service

DeepOcean subsidiary DeepOcean 1 UK, has launched RECONNECT – a subsea cable repair service committed to reducing the time and cost of repairing and replacing subsea power cables.

DeepOcean RECONNECT is said to aim at reducing the likelihood of cable damage and subsequent failure through periodic inspection and maintenance, whilst reducing the impact upon the operator should a cable failure occur.

Jonathan Edwards, business development director, stated: “We are very pleased to be highlighting this safe and high quality capability. This service builds upon the many DeepOcean in-house strengths and has a strong focus on two key areas – rapid front end preparatory works and high sea state operability. Over the years we have completed a number of successful repairs on different types of products in various water depths, using appropriate vessels or barges, and we’d be very pleased to explore how this experience can be applied to other projects and scenarios.

“In addition, and crucially, we believe that we have identified methods and techniques that can reduce the cost of an offshore repair in comparison to other available market offerings.”

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