Deep Casing Tools tech scores UK patent

Deep Casing Tools technology that can almost half the cost for extended reach drilling well liner installations secured UK patent.

Patents are also pending in Europe, the USA, Canada, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

DCT MechLOK Drill Pipe Swivel (DPS) is the industry’s first mechanical DPS.

It helps overcome ERD challenges by allowing operators to deploy completions into longer and more complex well trajectories.

Operators use ERD to develop assets more efficiently by maximising reservoir exposure to a single wellbore.

The MechLOK DPS enables the rotation of the drill pipe above the liner in an ERD well.

It reduces drag, redistributing friction and mitigating helical buckling of the work-string.

It also increases the available weight to push completions and liners to TD in ERD wells.

The MechLOK DPS can instantly lock and prevent from swivelling using a simple, mechanical manipulation of the drill-string.

David Stephenson, chief executive officer of Deep Casing Tools, said:

“DCT’s business is providing unique technology for our global customers and this is another example of simple innovation which will make their operations safer while saving time and money.

“We are delighted to have been granted a UK patent for this transformational technology and patents are also pending in Europe, including Norway, the USA, Canada, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“We have already demonstrated that compared to conventional technology the time taken to reach TD safely on the first attempt can be cut by half which would typically mean a $450,000 saving in running a completion or liner in.”

The MechLOK Swivel reduces the need for heavyweight drill pipe collars and protects items from potentially harmful torque.

The capability to immediately lock enables the mechanical release of setting tools, when required, and eliminates the need for drop ball and hydraulic concerns.

It ensures completions or liners reach TD and maximises return on investment.

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