Damen Marine Components Bags Turkish Order

Damen Marine Components (DMC) has signed its first order with a Turkish Shipyard, the TERSAN Tersanecilik, based at Yalova City on the Sea of Marmara.

The order is for the equipment that will be installed on a 108-meter Factory Freezer Trawler vessel, designed by Skipsteknisk, being built for the Russian fishing fleet operator JSC PT Okeanrybflot.

The order is for a single, customized BARKE rudder with a surface area of 16m² and a COMMANDER rotary vane steering gear that delivers a torque of up to 430 kNm.

In addition to the hydraulic components of the rotary vane, DMC will deliver indicators and controls, follow-up, non-follow-up in main bridge, follow-up in wings and follow-up in AFT.

The fishing vessel is scheduled for delivery in December this year.

Nazim Yaṣar, project manager at TERSAN Tersanecilik, said: “We are interested in developing our relationship with DMC and this first step was already done by placing on order for rudder and steering gear system. This would be a good opportunity for both parties to do a business for future projects.”

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