CWind Beefs Up Its Cable Repair Potential

ASV Pioneer; Photo: Ferguson Group

CWind, part of the Global Marine Group (GMG), said it has launched ‘Complete Cable Care’ a service package for power cable owners.

GMG concurrently announced the addition of the ASV Pioneer to its fleet of cable ships.

According to CWind, the new service package should reduce the time needed to respond to and repair damaged power cables. The company said it will introduce a suite of additional supporting services later in 2018.

The capabilities of the ASV Pioneer, a multi-purpose barge that is equipped to provide cable repair solutions for clients off the UK coast, should enable Complete Cable Care, the company says. The ASV Pioneer can operate from the beach out to a depth of 50 meters. The vessel also benefits from a full spread of cable repair equipment, including a carousel for cable storage and ample deck space.

The ASV Pioneer will remain on permanent standby at CWind’s offshore service hub in Blyth, UK.

Mike Daniel, representing Global Marine Group, and responsible for delivering the project, said: “The launch of Complete Cable Care represents a dynamic and innovative solution in the field of cable repair, which will deliver immediate financial and operational benefits to our customers. It further underlines CWind’s commitment to partnering with our customers to help them to solve their most important challenges and to adapt to meet the needs of the market.”

“The average time it takes to repair a power cable is 100 days. With the ASV Pioneer on standby, and CWind’s ability to mobilise at speed, downtime and associated financial losses will be reduced dramatically.”

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