Coda Octopus Launches New Generation of Sonars

Coda Octopus has launched its fourth-generation range of sonars, the Echoscope4G series.

The Coda Octopus 3D sonar enables vision, mapping and measurement in real time in low or zero visibility underwater conditions.

The Echoscope4G series includes the replacement Echoscope4G, the new Echoscope4G C500, and new Echoscope4G C500 Surface.

For deep water solutions, the Echoscope4G and Echoscope4G C500 are available in 250m through 4,000 meter depth ratings. They are suitable for all installation platforms including autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), remotely operated vehicles (ROV), surface vessels, and unmanned surface vehicles (USV).

The Echoscope4G C500 Surface and the previously launched Echoscope4G Surface are CODA’s sonars for shallow water operations and are available with a 20m depth rating. These are suitable for autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) and unmanned surface vehicles (USV).

Annmarie Gayle, CODA’s chairman and CEO said: “This launch completes the hardware revisions of all the sonars within our fourth generation (4G) range. Our newly launched 4G series of sonars are all smaller, lighter and require less power and include three new products, in addition to the Echoscope4G Surface which was launched in January 2018.

“Our 4G range now paves the way for many new applications due to its reduced form factor, power requirements and pricing. We are excited to bring this to market, especially for underwater vehicle manufacturers who would want to integrate this revolutionary class-leading sonar with their product offering. With the 4G hardware revisions completed, our focus is now on finalizing our smart algorithms, which will improve significantly the performance of our class-leading sonars, and our new top-end software which will allow many new capabilities, such as multiple sonar devices,” she added.

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