Coda Octopus Kits Out ASVs for Renewables Survey Ops

Coda Octopus has recently partnered with AVIC IET, an offshore wind contractor in China, to integrate the Echoscope4G Surface real-time 3D sonar on a autonomous surface vehicle (ASV).

For the first time, AVIC IET will be able to autonomously control its vehicle and the Echoscope4G Surface with its integrated Pan and Tilt rotator (IPT), to survey subsea structures, monopiles, and cables on offshore wind farms.

Our real-time 3D sonar solutions have revolutionized the offshore wind market around the world,” said Coda Octopus. “The Echoscope series is the key sensor for almost all ongoing offshore wind projects where it is used for the real-time visualization and tracking of a number of tasks including: cable pull-in operations, touch down point monitoring and performing the pre and post installation survey and remediation work.

The company said it is committed to deliver new technologies for renewable energies’ installation and inspection ops. Coda Octopus plans to launch the Echoscope4G C500 Surface which reportedly will be our lightest, smallest and most competitively priced real-time 3D volumetric sonars yet.

The C500 Surface will be specifically targeted at the autonomous surface vehicles market, the company added.

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