C-Tecnics Gear for MoD Salvage Team

A MoD Salvage Diving Team has purchased a custom rack mounted version of C-Tecnics’ portable system, the C-Vision, which has been tailored for fixed installations including dive control containers.

The ‘C-Vision 4R’ was selected by UK-based equipment manufacturer Submarine Manufacturing and Products for installation into a brand new air diving spread, designed and built for Salvage and Marine Operations.

The C-Vision 4R Rack Mounted Video & Communications System is a three diver/input recording and control centre for effective monitoring of multiple divers and associated activities which require both video cameras and open, or round robin, communications between the operating parties. Additional features can include digital depth monitoring, diver channel multi-view and file encryption software.

Staff Officer of Salvage Projects, James Griffiths, said: “When SMP were selected to build the two new dive controls for MoD-Salvage & Marine Operations the natural choice for the video/communications suite was the C-Tecnics system. C-Tecnics have a proven track record in supplying high quality equipment and the ability to provide a system that seamlessly integrated existing MoD dive equipment is testament to the skill and expertise of the whole team.

A mandatory requirement of the system was to provide an encryption package which will (pending MoD security accreditation) assist in the capture, recording and management of sensitive information. The encryption package supplied is both easy to manage and operate without compromising the general feel of the system as a whole.”


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