C-Job and Glosten in New Partnership Agreement

Two naval architecture firms, Glosten and C-Job Naval Architects, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create more value for their clients.

The executives from the two firms met at Glosten’s newly opened East Coast office to sign the MOU defining the firms’ shared goals and objectives.

Basjan Faber, CEO of C-Job, said: “We’ve been looking to expand our operations and follow our American Dream. We’re excited to have found a partner in Glosten, well-known in the American Maritime industry, who share the same vision and values as C-Job. We look forward to what our joint future will bring.”

This multinational partnership will deliver optimized technical teams with increased value across a wide range of ship designs including research vessels, offshore energy service vessels, and dredging vessels.

“This is an important step in formalizing what has already been a fruitful relationship over the past several months,” said Glosten president Morgan Fanberg, PE. “It is encouraging to see the work we can accomplish together. We look forward to offering these complementary skills to our industry partners around the globe.”

C-Job’s track record in the offshore wind market, combined with Glosten’s experience in US ocean renewables, will bring added value to the offshore wind market.

The companies’ combined track record and suite of services are complementary, focusing on areas such as naval architecture, marine engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, marine construction design, sustainable propulsion, numerical modelling, interior design, detail/production design, noise control engineering, and construction supervision.

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