Blueprint Lab electric manipulator for inspection vehicles

Australian robotic arms developer Blueprint Lab has rolled out its Reach Bravo electric manipulator for inspection class ROVs.

According to the company, the first orders are shipping to its pre-release customers in July 2020 this year.

The system is highly versatile, Bueprint Lab says.

It comes as a single-function grabber or tilt unit up to the Bravo 7, the flagship seven-function manipulator.

Blueprint Lab has developed this next-generation manipulator specifically by using its new break-through, patented joint design.

“This technology allows for compact drive mechanisms and minimal pressure seals, reducing the risk of leakage and protecting individual modules in the manipulator system.”

To date, dexterous manipulators went only for work-class vehicles.

“Now, there is also an opportunity for OEMs and service providers to re-write what inspection class vehicles can do and change up the subsea intervention and inspection landscape.”

The company said it will be hosting a webinar demonstrating the Reach Bravo shortly.

To remind, Blueprint Lab has also recently partnered with US-based ROV developer VideoRay.

They aim to further integrate and field Blueprint Lab’s Reach Alpha, said to be the world’s smallest, lightest, subsea manipulator system.

A key application of this technology is rendering safe underwater mines on ships, shipping lanes, ports, and offshore infrastructure.

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