Blue Logic launches new subsea inductive connectors firm

Norwegian subsea technology firm Blue Logic has created a new company, Subsea USB, to provide its underwater inductive connectors to the global subsea industry.

The product rights, technology and patents of Subsea USB’s connectors previously belonged to Blue Logic and the Kristiansand-based Wireless Power and Communication (WPC).

All assets within the product area have transferred to Subsea USB, which will focus on sales, marketing and further development of its range of underwater inductive connectors.

Subsea USB may also accelerate further development of its technologies by raising external capital.

Helge Sverre Eide, the new managing director of Subsea USB, said:

“Market interest for underwater wireless connectors, with either one or two-way transmission of energy and signals, is expected to grow rapidly in the near future as the benefits of doing more subsea operations remotely using robotic systems are harnessed.”

Subsea USB’s are already supporting subsea operations in the offshore industry.

The connectors have found their use, for example, at Equinor‘s standard underwater charging station for underwater drones and enable permanent residence of such vehicles on the seabed.

Vehicles operating from subsea charging stations can use Subsea USB’s wireless connectors to charge and upload/download inspection and assignment data.

“Underwater charging stations will increase efficiency in offshore operations, with more availability, as well as increasing personnel safety during underwater operations,” adds Eide.

“Importantly, this innovation will also reduce the carbon footprint of these operations.”

Blue Logic will continue to be a reseller of Subsea USB’s inductive connectors for underwater use and use these in their customer projects.

Blue Logic will also continue with all other ongoing activities, with the exception of pure new development of inductive connectors, for example in relation to underwater charging stations and tooling solutions for drones.

The transfer of the product area inductive connectors to Subsea USB will not affect ongoing customer projects at Blue Logic. Both Blue Logic and WPC believe that the continuation of inductive connectors for underwater use in a separate dedicated company, Subsea USB, will contribute to further growth in this future-oriented product area.

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