Bibby HydroMap to Support Nekton Seychelles Expedition

Bibby HydroMap will be providing survey support to Nekton Deep Ocean Research Institute for their Seychelles Expedition in March 2019.

Bibby HydroMap will be providing a hydrographic surveyor to take part in this scientific discovery opportunity to help make a difference, specifically undertaking bathymetric surveys during the expedition.

Seabed mapping will play an important part as the data collected will assist with planning visual surveys to determine the heterogeneity of the sites and enable Nekton to ground -truth assumption made for Seychelles marine spatial planning.

The purpose of the expedition is to explore Seychelles’ deep waters to study ocean health and marine biodiversity.

The expedition is expected to be carried out in specific areas within the plateaus of designated outer islands with depths of 500 metres.

The mission with 13 scientists on board is set to start in March 2019 and continue for 7 weeks.

Visual surveys will be carried out by two submersibles (maximum depth 300 metres) and one ROV (maximum depth 500 metres).

Mick Slater, Operations Director, said: “We are delighted to be offered the chance to collaborate with Nekton on such an exciting, scientific research programme. It has presented us with a wonderful opportunity for a member of staff to participate and demonstrate what Bibby HydroMap can offer in the global arena and we look forward to getting started and sharing updates on the progress of the mission.”

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