Bibby HydroMap Charters New Vessel

Bibby HydroMap has chartered a 39-meter DP1 catamaran ‘Mintis’, owned and operated by the Marine Research Institute at Klaipeda University.

The vessel is equipped with a range of high specification positioning and survey equipment and will become available for ongoing projects in May 2020 following a 2DHR seismic campaign in the Netherlands.

Head of Klaipeda University fleet, Nerijus Blažauskas, said: “We are happy that Klaipeda University’s vessel ‘Mintis’ will provide services to Bibby HydroMap. Multipurpose research vessel ‘Mintis’, the pride of Klaipeda University, has been designed and built in Lithuania and has already proven to be a trusted infrastructure. Since 2015 she served most of the key players in the offshore wind energy business in the North and Baltic Sea and we expect the same professional and smooth delivery in collaboration with Bibby HydroMap.”

Built in 2014, the vessel is suited for geophysical survey, ROV inspection and geotechnical investigation providing accommodation for up to 18 with an endurance of 2 weeks.

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