Benthic Begins Geotechnical Survey for Equinor in Brazil

Benthic has started a four month geotechnical campaign for Equinor in the BM-C-33 and BM-S-8 blocks located off the coast of Brazil.

Mobilization of PROD3 (Portable Remotely Operated Drill) onto the MV Sable Chouest began in Niteroi in November 2018 and field operations are expected to reach completion by April 2019.

The offshore work scope includes the collection of soil samples, CPT testing, box coring and ROV work including feature and sub-bottom profiler confirmations.

A coral survey and inspection, along with the installation of a cathodic protection system on 4 existing wellheads will be executed. Lastly, standpipe piezometers will be installed for logging pore pressure over a 1 year minimum time period.

Following onshore and offshore laboratory testing, analyses and interpretation, the data will be used to determine slope stability and geohazard feasibility assessments, as well as geotechnical design.

Operations will take place in water depths ranging from 2,100m to 2,900m.

Benthic is excited to partner with Equinor to execute this comprehensive ultra-deep water campaign in Brazil,” said Fabio Pereira, regional manager – Brazil.

“Brazil is a key market for Benthic’s expansion and this project allows us to further prove our capabilities in Brazilian ultra-deep waters. We are delighted to have both onshore and offshore employees joining our Brazilian team and look forward to future projects in the region.”

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