Balmoral to launch ‘the definitive boltless restrictor’ at Texas subsea event

Balmoral Offshore Engineering has announce its intention to launch a boltless restrictor that will “slash installation costs”.

A division of the Aberdeen-based Balmoral Group, Balmoral Offshore Engineering claim that its range of polyurethane bend restrictors include a boltless version in response to industry demands for project cost savings.

The firm, who will launch the product at next week’s Subsea Tiebacks (SSTB) exhibition in Galveston, Texas, say that despite a number of products claiming to be ‘boltless’, none in the current market actually are.

Balmoral also claim that they’ve spent approximately £100,000 from concept development through to final product testing over a period of 12 months on its boltless restrictor.

The firm hope that in developing this new product can therefore increase market share through providing “true ‘cost of ownership’ savings throughout the project life”.

Fraser Milne, the company’s engineering and projects director, said: “It’s vital that new products address the issues raised by those using them. In the case of our boltless restrictor, industry-leading performance is retained while offering significantly reduced installation time and costs.

“In other words we have achieved bolted restrictor performance with boltless simplicity. Value has been added by taking something away.

“Our R&D team is tasked with the development of products in support of client requirements. We have made significant improvements across our subsea portfolio which lead to cost efficiencies and assist, ultimately, with project feasibility.”

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