ASL Welcomes Pearce as Acoustics Scientist

ASL Environmental Sciences has appointed Dr. Steve Pearce to the position of acoustics scientist.

Pearce brings over a decade of experience in underwater acoustics R&D to the ASL team.

Prior to joining ASL, Pearce was a system engineer at Kongsberg Mesotech and managed projects relating to singlebeam and multibeam sonar systems.

In his new role at ASL, Pearce will be involved in the design of new underwater acouscs products. It is expected that PearceĀ  will become the product manager for the Acousc Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP) and will accept the responsibilies that are presently fulfilled by David Lemon.

As part of this role, Pearce will assist with data processing and will coordinate customer support inquiries.

Pearce earned his Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University in 2014, where his studies focused on sidescan sonar signal processing to suppress multipath interference in the context of a multi-angle swath bathymetry array.

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