Ashtead Invests in Teledyne Marine Technology

Teledyne Marine has secured an order by Ashtead Technology for its newest subsea multibeam imaging, survey and pipe tracking technology.

Under the order Teledyne Marine will provide RESON SeaBat T50-S IDH multibeam systems, BlueView M900-2250 dual frequency imaging sonars and HydroPACT 660E pipe and cable trackers among other items.

As owners of the largest fleet of TSS pipe and cable trackers in the rental market, Ashtead are impressed with the new miniaturized single pod ‘660E’ version with its reduced weight, size and power,” said Brett Lestrange, Ashtead’s regional director for Europe. “The system is an ideal fit for users looking to employ smaller inspection class vehicles in place of larger work class ones which would normally be required to run such a pipe, cable or UXO survey. For this reason, we are delighted to have taken delivery of the first two units giving immediate access to our clients and it is great to see them both going straight out to work.  

 “Our recent order also increased the number of other key rental fleet items such as BlueView and RDI units and we are particularly pleased to add the latest RESON SeaBat T50-S IDH dual head subsea multibeam sonars.” 

We truly appreciate Ashtead’s ongoing partnership with Teledyne to make the latest technology readily accessible to the subsea market,” said Ed Cheesman, senior manager – Sales & BD at Teledyne Marine. “2018 often saw a shortage of certain survey assets among asset pools so it is good to see Ashtead investing heavily to add capacity to their large existing fleet in support of Teledyne’s loyal end users.”

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