Ardyne and Statoil Collaborate on New Technology Development

Ardyne has been selected by Statoil for the design and development of a combined casing vibration and pulling system targeted for use in the North Sea.

The company will perform modelling and analysis followed by prototype design and testing in support of the project goals, Ardyne informed.

The contract agreement with Statoil will see the operator provide support through modelling expertise and joint funding for the project.

The initial contract, worth NOK 8.6 million, runs to pre-field trial Technology Readiness Level 4 (TRL-4), with potential to extend the contract to include field testing with Statoil and on up to full commercialization (TRL-7).

The technology will be used in the casing recovery phase of slot recovery and well abandonment applications, ensuring that a rock-to-rock cement barrier can be installed, and providing a faster and more cost-effective alternative to section milling.

Alan Fairweather, CEO, Ardyne, said: “We are excited to be working alongside Statoil to provide an innovative solution for stuck casing. We are proud to be leading the charge for innovative casing recovery solutions, by merging industry proven equipment with our new technology we have created something unique.

“Our Casing Recovery Toolbox has established a new industry standard and we look forward to continued collaboration with operators and oilfield service companies to find further efficiencies in their activities across the industry.”

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