Aquabotix Joins IWRP Consortium | Subsea World News

UUV Aquabotix has been accepted as a member of the Information Warfare Research Project consortium (IWRP), a consortium focused on advancing information warfare capabilities to enhance United States Navy and United States Marine Corps mission effectiveness.

As a member of IWRP, Aquabotix will gain access to US Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Command’s Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement previously awarded to the consortium.

The aggregate amount of this particular OTA across the consortium is USD 100 million over the next three year period, and the OTA will be used as a vehicle to advance information warfare technologies and innovation delivery to the U.S. fleet.

The OTA enables the consortium members to engage in a broad range of activities advancing such technologies and allows for the delivery of new technology faster and more efficiently than traditional U.S. federal acquisition requirements might permit, the company explained.

Whitney Million, chief executive officer of Aquabotix said, “It is a privilege to be joining other industry leaders in the IWRP. We anticipate participation in this consortium will provide
access to key partners and customers while enabling rapid research and prototyping using nondilutive funding options under the OTA to support our goal of continuing to develop innovative and leading-edge solutions and product offerings for the U.S. and allied governments.”

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