Aquabotix Introduces New Products | Subsea World News

UUV Aquabotix has launched three new products – SwarmDiver STEALTH, SwarmDiver EDGE and SwarmDiver NIGHTLINE, in addition to the company’s existing base SwarmDiver product.

The three new products are tailored for specific defence and commercial applications and expand the use cases for the SwarmDiver family of products.

The SwarmDiver STEALTH line is intended for use in covert defence operations.

Aquabotix created the STEALTH model to address military end-user and large defence company demand for a highly effective means of covertly collecting intelligence and transferring data in
littoral environments where enemies are continuously monitoring activity through the use of acoustic sensors, electromagnetic spectrum monitoring, and visual detection.

Beyond collecting intel, the STEALTH line can be used to securely transfer data between two points without the risk of interception posed by wireless transfer methods, the company explained.

The SwarmDiver NIGHTLINE shares the same key features as the STEALTH line, including the ruggedized camouflage exterior and low-noise motors, and also has an added ultraviolet (UV) coating to make nighttime recovery of those vehicles easier. Aquabotix created this variant specifically with special forces use in mind.

The SwarmDiver EDGE line has applications in governmental, defence, and commercial domains. Aquabotix created the EDGE line of vehicles to respond to threats of piracy, militant, or other disruptions to commercial and governmental activities.

Whitney Million, Aquabotix’s CEO, said: “Our SwarmDiver product has literally dozens of applications and end-uses, solving problems that, to date, were difficult to manage, and in some cases, unsolvable, for commercial and governmental maritime and naval users. The three new products focus on only some of these issues. We plan to continue to evolve our family of products in order to enable our commercial and governmental partners to solve the challenges they face in real world situations around the globe.”

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